The Peripheral Tunnels Propeller

This is my current main project:

The Peripheral Tunnels Propeller

Peripheral Tunnel Propeller Cutaway This is an Ultra Quiet propeller I invented, Its based on my disclosure of the principle that fluid inside barrels could be accelerated with the minimal turbulence due parasite flows. This project is on PATENT PENDING. The Following is a more formal Abstract on what is, and how it works:

  • Quiet Propeller Design Disclosure , which consists on a Barrel drilled with spirals Peripheral Tunnels..
  • It main feature is Quiet Operation , this is achieved thanks to the minimal turbulence induced by the tunnels while accelerates/decelerates the liquid or gas, also due the high strength of the device minimize torsional flexions, avoiding noise generation due flexion or deformation and collateral fatigue damage.
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The Sun is always On

The Sun never shutoff, if you need it, move to where no obstacles blocks to you,  and will shine for you every day of your life.
El Sol nunca se apaga, si lo necesitas, mudate donde ningún obstáculo lo bloquee para ti, y brillará para ti cada día de tu vida.

Forgive / Detach

One who is sure of his power can forgive without fear, as one conscious of his transitoriness can understand detachment.
Aquel que esta seguro de su poder puede perdonar sin miedo,como aquel consciente de su transitoriedad es capaz de comprender el desapego.