Peripheral Tunnels Propeller With Alternative Balance - Patented


US20170088244 A1 [August 27 th 2019]: Patented this invention is now the US. Pat. 10392087 B2.

Today the USPTO published my second granted patent ( US10392087 B2) related to the peripheral tunnel propeller.

The new disclosures, my patent US9157324 about the Peripheral Tunnel Propeller, discloses:

Also, the modulating torque of this propeller maybe used to mimic the noise of other devices to the disguise of the machine’s natural sounds.

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Peripheral Tunnel Propeller vs Bladed Propeller 3D Animation

Peripheral Tunnels Propeller Embodied as a Computer Fan vs Bladed Propeller

Look at what happens when the gas molecules faces the constant circular section from the Peripheral Tunnels Propeller, when a circular container matches a circular content, the latter isn’t perturbed as the container rotates since the container shape relative to it’s content its the same at any angle.

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The Peripheral Tunnels Propeller, Pat. US 9157324 B2

The Patent for My Peripheral Tunnels Propeller invention, have been issued by the USPTO on October 13th, 2015  with Patent Number US 9,157,324 B2, having as earliest publication date January 27th, 2011, and as priority date (provisional related application) from July 23, 2009. [Patent US 9,157,324 B2 at] US9157324 B2


:35 U.S.C. § 154(d) about provisional rights under pre-AIA  stands: “a patent shall include the right to obtain a reasonable royalty from any person who, during the period beginning on the date of publication of the application for such patent under section 122(b)” , Accordingly an entity making use of this invention in USA from January 27th, 2011 is committed to reach us and negotiate an compensation on due royalties , I’m considering special NDA agreements in case

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